Dogs Trust Kenilworth urges people to give old dogs new digs

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Dogs Trust Kenilworth urges people to give old dogs new digs

Since lockdown began, demand for puppies has soared and families have welcomed the pitter patter of tiny paws into their homes. But Dogs Trust Kenilworth is urging dog lovers who are thinking of welcoming a four-legged friend into their life to consider giving a golden oldie their perfect retirement home.

Google searches for buying a puppy increased by a huge 213% after lockdown began in March last year compared to the previous twelve months (1). Now Dogs Trust is asking people to remember that when it comes to giving a rescue dog a second chance, older dogs need new homes too – and have lots to offer.

One Older Age Pooch (OAP) at Dogs Trust Kenilworth looking for somewhere to rest her paws is twelve-year-old Cassie. Cassie, a Collie Cross, was first rehomed by Dogs Trust Kenilworth when she was a puppy, but sadly more than eleven years later she has found herself in need of a new home after her owners passed away.

Emma-Jane Thomas, Manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, says:

“Cassie is a beautiful, sweet, spritely girl who still loves to chase a tennis ball.

“She has found it difficult to adjust to coming into kennels after such a long time in a loving home, but we are making sure she has lots of one-to-one time with people. As an older girl she is looking for a quiet home with no children or pets so she can relax and easily settle into family life again.”

In the nine months up to the end of March this year, almost 50% of people looking to adopt a dog from Dogs Trust were looking for a four-legged friend under six months, compared to 5% looking for a dog aged 8 or over. (2)

Emma-Jane adds:

“At the moment, 20% of our dogs that are ready to find forever homes are aged eight or over. In the last year so many people have wanted to welcome a puppy into their family, but older dogs like Cassie make fantastic companions too.

“Older dogs are often calmer and less energetic, so although they may still be playful, like Cassie, hiking up hills may be a thing of the past for them, which suits some owners, young and old.

“Also with an older dog, what you see is what you get in terms of personality and size and although you can certainly teach an older dog new tricks, they usually know the training basics and have experienced many things in their lives, so as long as they have had positive experiences, they will take things in their stride.

“Helping an older dog like Cassie enjoy their autumnal years and giving them the chance to live their best life is incredibly rewarding. We would urge anyone looking to welcome a dog into their life to consider giving a golden oldie their forever home where they can relax and rest their paws in their twilight years.”

To find out more about how Dogs Trust is working to change the tale for older dogs like Cassie, please go to To find out more about caring for an older dog, visit here.

(1) Figures sourced from Propellernet, based on Google searches for “buy a puppy” for the 12 months following lockdown beginning on 23 March 2020 compared to the previous 12 months.

2) Dogs Trust statistics based on website searches using age related criteria from 1 July 2020 to 31 March 2021. Prior to this age-related search statistics were not recorded.

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