Hatton Locks

Hatton Locks

Hatton Locks is a flight of 21 locks known as the 'stairway to heaven' spanning 3.2km. The walk can be extended at either end, continuing along the Grand Union Canal. Benches along the towpath provide picturesque resting spots. Half a dozen picnic tables can be found next to the car park or combine this walk with a visit to the Hatton Arms Pub.

CV35 7JL Car parking
Toilets Visitor centre
Hay Wood

Hay Wood

Hay Wood is a hidden treasure nestled away near the stunning village of Rowington. The secluded woodlands offers peace and tranquillity and a beautiful natural backdrop. There are several different paths to take as well as off-piste open spaces to discover. There is a layby offering space for roughly 15 cars, picnic tables scattered around and homemade dens for children to explore. A popular location for dog walks, plenty of muddy puddles and different scents to sniff out. An ideal pitstop when visiting Tom O' The Wood.

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Foundry Wood

Foundry Wood

Foundry Woods is a lovely spot for the whole family. This hidden little piece of nature in Leamington Spa is ideal for children and dogs, as long as they’re happy to kept on the lead. Explore the woodland and follow the flattened path leading around the forest, or go off-piste and discover the forestry school’s dens and seating areas. There is parking available opposite and the muddy walk can be combined with a trip to Victoria Park.

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Crackley Wood

Crackley Wood

Crackley Woods is a great walk for you and your dog. Located in Kenilworth, this peaceful 14 hectares of woodland is the ideal spot for a muddy stroll. A flat path leads you around the reserve, or alliteratively you can explore the more rustic, untouched routes and follow your dog’s nose as they sniff out shaded paths and grassy opening clearings. There are several layby’s surrounding the woodlands offering space for parking and alternative entrances leading you into the forest. The space is tranquil, unspoilt and popular with dog walkers. It’s an ideal pit stop when visiting Kenilworth Castle and can be combined nicely with a drink or two at the Clarendon Arms.

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Turkey Farm Walk

Turkey Farm Walk

Turkey Farm is set in the village of Hatton. Roughly 2km in distance, this beautiful walk is perfect for four-legged friends. A towpath leads you over the fields from Hatton Park up to the farm house, through the farm and down to Beausale Lane. On street parking is available on the estate. Dogs are to be kept on the lead or well controlled to as not to disturb farm life. Succumb to nature and surround yourself in this scenic locale, look out over fields and let your dog explore new surroundings.

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Oakley Woods

Oakley Woods

Oakley Woods, near Bishops Tachbrook is a beautiful and serene piece of nature. This 116 acre plantation woodland allows you to escape from the busy world outside. Free parking is available at the crematorium and toilets are also accessible during crematorium opening times. This piece of countryside is one of the largest accessible woodlands. There are several different routes you can take depending on how long you have to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. The beautiful backdrop makes for an exciting and muddy walk for you and your pup.

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Parliament Piece

Parliament Piece

Parliament Piece is a nature reserve with open grassland, impressively tall trees, old hedgerows and a pond. Located on the edge of Kenilworth, off Upper Spring Lane, it is 6 hectares of relatively flat land with informal paths and accessible via stiles. Dogs must be kept on the lead when seasonal grazing animals are at the reserve. Take your walk further and stroll through Kenilworth Old Town and grab a bite to eat at either The Queen and Castle or Deli on the Hill

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Stratford-upon-Avon River Walk

Stratford-upon-Avon River Walk

The Stratford-upon-Avon River Walk is a beautiful scenic trail along the River Avon. It can start or end in Stratford-upon-Avon town centre and there is a free car park located in the middle of the walk, just off the Warwick Road, opposite the Hallmark Hotel. The whole walk is 2.4km in total but can be cut short or extended into Straftord-upon-Avon town centre or along the Stratford Greenway. It is the perfect location for a picnic, a swim, a scooter or a bike ride and dogs will love jumping in to cool off. Some of the path is sheltered in the greenery but there are open spaces to enjoy too.

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Milverton Loop

Milverton Loop

The Milverton Loop is a hidden little gem located between Warwick and Leamington Spa, beautifully situated along the River Avon. The whole walk is 6.8km in total, however you can park closer and do shorter alternative routes. The walk starts at Leamington Spa and ends at the Saxon Mill pub (this can but cut from the route). The walk is exquisitely scenic and peaceful, perfect for pups on a cool summer’s day, there is little shade available, however dogs can paddle their paws in the river to help cool off. The walk takes you across rolling fields with well-preserved trails, you will come across kissing gates but no stiles and plenty of fresh air. There is some road parking available in Leamington Spa, Milverton and Old Milverton, please only park at the Saxon Mill if you are intending on being a customer.

CV32 6RL
Welcombe Hills

Welcombe Hills

Beautiful open space and rolling hills, located in Stratford-upon-Avon. This hidden piece of nature can be explored in a loop of 3.9km or freely wondered. The grassland has several paths of uneven land to trek across and plenty of open space for pups to run and explore. There is a small car park available for roughly 8 cars as well as roadside parking.

CV37 6XR Car parking
Walton Hall

Walton Hall

Located a stones throw away from Stratford-upon-Avon, Walton Hall is situated in 65 acres of unspoiled countryside. The ideal location for a beautiful, quiet and scenic stroll. This walk is idyllic, with parking facilities available, a beautiful view over the River Dene and space to explore.

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Stratford Greenway

Stratford Greenway

The Stratford Greenway is an 8km stretch from the bridge over the River Avon along the dismantled railway to Long Marston. There is parking available at Wetherby Way car park and it is a surfaced path perfect for bikes, scooters, pushchairs, wheelchairs etc. There are picnic opportunities available along the route, as well as two cafes and bicycle hire. The Greenway connects to several footpaths around Stratford and beyond so there is plenty to explore. The walk is perfect for the whole family including four-legged friends!

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Oversley Woods

Oversley Woods

Oversley Woods, located in Alcester, is 230.35 acres of beautiful woodland. Located to the west of Stratford-upon-Avon, this spacious plot of nature is the perfect location for a dog walk and is popular with cyclists. Choose from a variety of different circular routes to explore all the wood has to offer. There are well maintained pathways or more explorative routes you can take. Dogs must be under control at all times but can roam freely if well behaved. There is parking for up to roughly 20 cars and it can be tricky to spot the signage and the opening of the wood if you are new to the area. The woodland is picturesque, tranquil and mesmerising, the wild flowers are beautiful in springtime and it’s the perfect shelter in summertime.

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Hampton Lucy Loop image 1
Hampton Lucy Loop image 2

Hampton Lucy Loop

This hidden little walk is nestled away behind Charlecote National Trust, in Hampton Lucy. On road parking is available near The Boars Head but please be wary of the thin roads. This is an 8km trail loop round the fields running along the River Avon. The initial walk is slightly overgrown but soon opens out into rolling fields. You are restricted to the footpath and dogs must always be under control, as it is a food produce area, however the paths are plenty wide enough and the views over the county are beautiful. A lovely secluded quiet walk with stunning views.

CV35 8BD
Kenilworth Greenway Loop

Kenilworth Greenway Loop

The Kenilworth Greenway loop, located in Kenilworth near to Coventry, is an 11.6km loop of partially paved pathway. Parking is available at Crackley woods, you can also gain access via the woods or from the main road. Alternatively, you can park at Abbey Fields, but a charge will apply. The scenic route is peaceful and serene, surrounded by trees and shrubbery and perfect for dogs. The greenway runs from Crackley Wood to Burton Green and this straight trail can be used as a shorter alternative.

Please be aware that HS2 has currently taken control of part of the greenway near Burton Green, as they begin construction on a tunnel. They will be connecting existing local footpaths and setting up signed diversions of public rights of way as alternative routes for Greenway users, more information can be found here; s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/commonplace-customer-assets/hs2inwarwicks/

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Clowes Wood and New Fallings Coppice image 1
Clowes Wood and New Fallings Coppice image 2

Clowes Wood and New Fallings Coppice

Clowes Wood is located in Earlswood, 5 miles from Solihull and is a stunning destination for a walk. This 45-hectare piece of unspoilt land was the first reserve to be owned by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. It is picturesque, peaceful and calming. Stick to the paths and enjoy the scenic views of the canal feeders/lakes or take the path less travelled by and enjoy a muddier woodland trail exploring the wildflowers and trees. There are a few car parks available around the Lake, one on Wood Lane, one on Valley Road and Earlswood Lakes Car Park is located near the sailing club. This hidden gem is ideal for dogs but do be wary of signage throughout the year explaining about algae.

B94 5JL Car parking
Cawston Spinney

Cawston Spinney

Cawston Spinney is a little piece of woodland located in Cawston, Rugby. There is parking available in small layby’s around the woodland and a couple of little entry points. The woodland trail is uneven underfoot and there are lots of fallen trees to navigate round (visited September 2020). There are little openings where the sunlight can peer through and dogs can enjoy exploring. Do also be aware of the pond/river as we've been made aware it has made some pups poorly. We think this a lovely walk for locals but not necessarily somewhere you would travel to visit as parking and signage isn’t great.

CV22 7RY
Kenilworth Castle and Abbey Fields image 1
Kenilworth Castle and Abbey Fields image 2

Kenilworth Castle and Abbey Fields

The beautiful and historic Kenilworth Castle is located in the center of Kenilworth town. You can enjoy a walk around the castle walls and if you cross over the road can enjoy a wonder through Abbey Fields too. There are several car parks you can chose from, one is located at Abbey Fields, you could park at the castle or Bray’s car park off Castle Road. Abbey Fields is home to grassy slopes, a lake, play area and a café, the perfect destination for the whole family. You could combine your walk with a coffee and a cake at Deli on the Hill or pop in for lunch at the Clarendon Arms. Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control and there is a little brook where dogs can cool their feet on a hot summer’s day.

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Toilets Cafe
Kenilworth Castle and Farmland Loop image 1
Kenilworth Castle and Farmland Loop image 2

Kenilworth Castle and Farmland Loop

This walk starts from the historic Kenilworth Castle and loops round through farmland and countryside. For part of the way, you will pass distinctive black Millennium Way waymarkers. The loop is roughly 10km in distance and parking is available at the castle, or opposite at the pay and display car park, located just off Castle Road behind the castle. The trail is dog friendly, but you must be aware of livestock. Walk from Kenilworth castle over to Oak Farm, Goodrest Farm, over to Deer Park Farm and back to the castle via Fernhill Farm. Pop into the Queen and Castle afterwards for a bite to eat or a drink or enjoy a coffee and a cake at Deli on the Hill. This scenic route is very picturesque and flat but there are some uneven spots over the fields.

CV8 1NG Car parking
Ufton Fields Nature Reserve image 1
Ufton Fields Nature Reserve image 2
Ufton Fields Nature Reserve image 3
Ufton Fields Nature Reserve image 4

Ufton Fields Nature Reserve

Ufton Fields Nature Reserve is located in Southam, just outside of Ufton Village. It is 32 hectares of tranquil, untouched, beautiful nature. There is car parking at the reserve for roughly 20 cars. Dogs are welcome but must be under control as there may be grazing animals. There are markers for a 2km circular loop trail and lovely scenic spots to enjoy on the way. There are also public footpaths running off the main loop if you'd like to extend your walk further. This is a lovely walk for the whole family, there is an uneven stoned path and the route is fairly flat so ideal for little legs too.

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War Memorial Park image 1
War Memorial Park image 2
War Memorial Park image 3
War Memorial Park image 4

War Memorial Park

The War Memorial Park is 48.5 hectares of flat land, located in southern Coventry. The park pays tribute to Coventrians who died in the First World War. There are three car parks available around the park and different entry points, as well as a café and a visitors’ centre. There are on and off-lead areas for dog walkers and plenty of open space to play fetch. The park is a popular destination for dog walks, creating socialising opportunities for your pups, but there is also enough space to keep to yourself. This is a perfect walk for the whole family and ideal for wheelchair users, scooters or bicycles.

CV3 6PT Car parking
Toilets Visitor centre
Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill is a 17th Century cylindric stone tower, located just outside the village of Chesterton, Warwickshire. The windmill stands proudly on top of a hill looking down over the village of Chesterton, near the Fosse Way. There is lay-by parking for roughly 10 cars. Although this is a short and sweet walk and roughly only takes 10-15 minutes, the 360 degree views are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The walk is over grassland with a slight incline, it may not be a long enough walk to tire out those furry friends, but it makes for some great photo opportunities.

CV33 9LB Car parking
Lowsonford Canal

Lowsonford Canal

Lowsonford is a little village within the Parish of Rowington. There is a circular walk from Lowsonford, which is roughly 8 miles in distance. Parking is available for roughly 6 cars on the roadside near the canal, or paying customers can use The Fleur-de-Lys pub carpark. Immediately after the canal bridge there is a gate leading to a grassy footpath, this is where the circular route begins. The walk takes you through Holywell, Claverdon, Preston Baggot and back to Lowsonford. The route is dog friendly but there a kissing gates, roads and animals to be aware of. Along the canal towpath it is leads only. The alternative is to enjoy a more relaxed stroll up and down the canal and enjoy the beautiful tranquil scenery!

B95 5HJ Car parking
Newbold Comyn

Newbold Comyn

Newbold Comyn is a 300 acre country park located on the outskirts of Leamington Spa. Leam Valley Nature Reserve covers part of the country park. The south section is used for recreation, sport and wildlife conservation. Parking is available at the end of Newbold Terrace or just off the Radford Road and car parks are free. There is a playpark for little ones and The Newbold Comyn Arms for a drink or a bite to eat. The park is dog friendly and popular with dog walkers. You can also extend your walk and explore Campion Hills, Welches Meadow, Radford Road Meadows, Riverside Walk and Jephson’s Gardens.

CV32 4EW Car parking
Warwick Racecourse and Jubilee Wood

Warwick Racecourse and Jubilee Wood

Warwick Racecourse is a 2.8km circular route around the racecourse. It is classed as an easy route and is perfect for the whole family. With a path leading around, it’s ideal for pushchairs, wheelchair users and scooters. It is a popular walk for dog walkers and a great place to socialise your dog, but do be aware it gets rather busy at weekends. The walk is also closed on race days so do make sure you check in advance. There is parking available at the racecourse, but you do need to pay. You can also venture off to Jubilee Wood, a small wooded area just north of the racecourse. It has surfaced and unsurfaced paths and is perfect for exploring. You can also combine this walk with a trip into Warwick town, why not pop into Present Days and let your pup be greeted with a treat whilst you browse, or nip into Dough and Brew, Jack’s Shack, Coffee #1 or The Rose & Crown for a coffee or bite to eat.

CV34 6HN Car parking
Coughton Riverside Walk image 1
Coughton Riverside Walk image 2
Coughton Riverside Walk image 3

Coughton Riverside Walk

Coughton riverside walk is located behind Coughton Court National Trust, near Alcester. This tranquil walk combines gentle farmland and riverside spots. The walk is dog friendly, however, please be aware dogs must be on the lead at certain times of the year around livestock. There is some off-road parking available on Coughton Fields Lane or you can combine the walk with a visit to Coughton Court (please be aware only certain areas are dog friendly, so do check the website beforehand). You can also extend this peaceful walk and complete an 11 kilometre loop from Coughton and through the historic Roman town of Alcester. On the loop you’ll pass black Millenium Way circular waymarkers. Coughton ford, situated on Coughton Fields Lane, is a great spot to wash off your wellies and doggy paws in the winter months, but do be aware of flooding on those rainy days.

B49 6BU Off-road parking
Austy Woods Walk image 1
Austy Woods Walk image 2
Austy Woods Walk image 3

Austy Woods

Austy Wood is located in Wootton Wawen. This secluded little woodland is an idyllic 4.9km loop trail from Pettiford Lane, it combines woodland, canal and fields and passes over the 1813 viaduct. The route can be muddy and there is an ascent over uneven ground and stiles to navigate your way over. Limited parking is available on Pettiford Lane, Wootton Wawen or you could combine the walk with a trip to the Navigation Inn. Austy woods is filled with bluebells and looks sensational when they’re in season. There is also a longer 15.6km loop trail through Austy Wood, on to Knowle’s Wood, through Yarningale Common and back round. This is a very secluded and quiet walk and is great for four-legged friends, but do please be aware of private land and live-stock.

B95 6BY Off-road parking
Offchurch Greenway Walk image 1
Offchurch Greenway Walk image 2
Offchurch Greenway Walk image 3

Offchurch Greenway Walk

Offchurch Greenway is a 10.3km loop through Offchurch and Hunningham. Parking is available just off the Long Itchington crossroad. Access can also be gained via the Coventry Canal towpath at Radford Semele. The route is surfaced making it perfect for bikes, pushchairs and wheelchairs etc. The walk offers beautiful views across South Warwickshire, you can complete the whole loop or stick to greenway and pop down to the canal. The walk is perfect for the whole family. It is also a popular spot for dog walkers and is a good way to socialise dogs but do be wary of cyclists.

CV33 9AU Car parking
Packwood Welly Walk image 1
Packwood Welly Walk image 2

Packwood Welly Walk

Located in Lapworth near Solihull, Packwood House is a National Trust surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you are a National Trust member you can park on the grounds and enjoy a few different walks including a circular route around Packwood estate, a walk through from Packwood House to Baddesley Clinton (another National Trust property), a walk from Packwood to St Giles Church or Packwood welly walk. Please be aware that Packwood House does not advertise as being dog friendly, so please do check their website if you intend to visit. The welly walk is located next to the National Trust property and access can be gained from Chessetts Wood Road or from Packwood House. The walk can also be combined with a trip to the Punchbowl, where dogs are welcome outside. The welly walk is a short 1.6km trail and consists of a woodland trail, there are some logs suitable for picnics, den building opportunities and a few other child friendly distractions along the way. This short and sweet walk is the perfect addition to your day out if you’re in the area.

B94 6EN No car park
Clent Hills image 1
Clent Hills image 2
Clent Hills image 3

Clent Hills

Clent Hills are located in Bromsley, Worcestershire. This hilly walk offers sensational views over Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Dudley, Halesowen, Turners Hill, Malvern Hills, Kinver Edge, The Wrekin, Wenlock Edge, Shatterford Huk and Clee Hills. Parking is available off Hagley Wood Lane, National Trust members are able to park for free by scanning their card and non-members pay a fee of £3. There is a 3.2km walk where dogs are allowed off lead. The walk starts at Nimmings Wood car park and follows the easy access path to the right, out from the trees turn left up to The Four Stones, take the wide path to the left and at the gate turn right, then use the path into Deep Wood, cross over the bridge at Dark Pool and head up the slope of the wood, at the top turn right and head back up the path to the gate and head straight over back to the topograph. Other walks and routes are available if you wish to extend your visit but do be aware dogs may need to be kept on the lead. There are easy access paths for pushchairs and wheelchair users, as well as lots of well-placed benches where you can enjoy a drink or picnic whilst admiring the beautiful scenery. This walk offers breath-taking views and plenty of exercise and fresh air.

B62 0NL Car parking
Coombe Abbey image 1
Coombe Abbey image 2
Coombe Abbey image 3

Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey is located in Coventry. Parking is available at the Abbey, just off Brinklow Road, Binley, but a small fee does apply and cards are accepted. Coombe Abbey Park consists of 500 acres of beautiful gardens, woodland, lakeside walks, with plenty to explore! There are designated areas where dogs can be walked off the lead, do check the map on arrival to see where these spots are. The paths are accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs and there is a park for youngsters to enjoy. Do keep an eye out on their website to see what events they have going on. This is a beautiful destination for the whole family to enjoy.

CV3 2AB Car parking
Toilets Visitor centre
The Leasowes image 1
The Leasowes image 2
The Leasowes image 3
The Leasowes image 4

The Leasowes

The Leasowes is a 57-hectare estate, located in Halesowen. It was developed between 1743-1763 by poet William Shenstone and is now listed as Grade I on the English Heritage Register. It comprises of diverse landscapes, woodland, open grassland, streams, waterfalls and lakes. Parking is available off Mucklow Hill and is free of charge. There is a map on arrival with easy laid out coloured routes to take. We chose the red loop which was roughly 3.5km in length, took you through a mixture of landscapes and had plenty to offer, including photo opportunities, benches, picnic spots and paddling opportunities. One thing to be aware of is that there is golf course located in the middle of the walk and a car park to walk through, so do be wary with youngsters. The walk is popular with dog walkers and there is plenty for your four-legged friends to enjoy, especially if they like water! The route follows a path but there are steep inclines and steep steps to navigate your way around, so pushchair and wheelchair users may prefer the green route. Next to the carpark there is also a small park for little ones to enjoy. This walk is sensational and a firm favourite of ours!

B62 8DH Car parking