Dog Friendly Services in Warwickshire

There’s nothing like rewarding your pooch with a little treat. Take a look at the vast amount of services Warwickshire has to offer for your canine. If they fancy a tasty treat or maybe a bit of TLC at the groomers we’ve got them covered. Maybe you’ve picked up a new pup or in need of a second pair of hands? Then look no further! We also have plenty of choices when it comes to training, walking sitting and boarding.


Going on holiday or working from home? Sometimes you can’t always take your pooch with you. Warwickshire has boarders who love dogs and treat them as their own.

Clothing, Toys and Accessories

Keep those furry friends dry and cosy with a variety of stylish dog clothes.

Clubs and Groups

What better way to socialise you and your pups than to meet up with other dog lovers!


Dogs like variety in their food just as much as we do. Give your dog some new foods and special treats.


Shampoo and haircut - these are things we enjoy so why not your dog? Give them a spa treatment and see that coat glimmer

Healthcare and Veterinary

Warwickshire has a great choice of caring and considerate vets, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals.

Photography and Portraits

Capture every angle of your favourite four-legged friend. Search dog friendly photographers and portrait artists here.


Dogs love to train. They thrive on commands and enjoy the praise. Find a trainer for your dog and watch them flourish!

Walking and Sitting

Sometimes life can get a little hectic and busy. Don't let your dog go without, find a walker or a sitter who can help ease the pressure and provide your dog with some company and exercise.