Dog Friendly Places to Visit in Warwickshire

Come and be a tourist! Tail-waggers love exploring even more than we do, so why not take them along on your adventure? Get some fresh air in the wonderful parks Warwickshire has to offer, meet some fury new friends or enjoy a romantic stroll with loved ones in tow in Shakespeare’s England.


Dogs always want to know what you’ve been up to that day, so why not take them out with you? Search our dog friendly attractions and let them find out for themselves.

Estates and Trusts

Country Estate or National Trust? Either way, Warwickshire has plenty. And what’s better, they’re dog friendly too.


Enjoy a family day out at a local park where your dog can stretch those legs.

Salons and Spas

Want to treat yourself to a relaxing experience, take your pooch with you!


Enjoy the Warwickshire shops with your canine by your side.


Rural Warwickshire has some wonderful walks for you and your dog. Discover these walks and give your dog some variety!