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Dogs of the Month - September 2021

Name: Dee and Nessa

Age: 18 months

Breed: English Toy Terriers

Favourite walk: Haywood and Newbold Comyn.

Favourite places: Dog Deli, K9 Club, The Hatton Arms and The Durham Ox.

Dee and Nessa are English Toy Terrier pups, they are classed as a vulnerable breed and only around 100 puppies are born each year. The breed is thought to have been around in the UK since the 1500’s. This gorgeous pair often get confused for other breeds such as the Miniature Pinscher or a ‘mini doberman’, the best guess the owners have received is a ‘long-legged chihuahua’!

This elegant and attractive pair may be small in size, but they come with a tonne of energy and bags and bags of personality.

This dynamic duo rule the roost! They are the most adorable pair and the best of friends. Their favourite walks are Haywood and Newbold Comyn, where they enjoy exploring … and best of all playing zoomies.

This cheeky pair are very tactical with their toys and their personalities shine through when it comes to sharing. Nessa is the actress. When Dee has a toy she really wants, Nessa puts on a show. She cleverly pretends something extremely interesting is going on in another room and when Dee finally gives in and goes off to have a peek, Nessa sneaks back into to steal the toy… clever! Nessa also lets you know when there’s something she’s not fond of. She pushes her nose into the object she doesn’t like and looks at it, she’ll press her nose into again and then has an almighty tantrum until the object is removed.

As speedy as these two are, Nessa likes to think she can fly rather than run. Her owners call it ‘flappy feet’ as she zooms around, passers-by often comment on her run / flapping.

Dee and Nessa can often be seen accompanying their adoring humans to lots of local dog friendly businesses including The Hatton Arms and The Durham Ox pubs, where they get lots of affection and a very warm welcome. They also enjoy popping into K9 Club and Dog Deli to stock up on tasty treats, toys and other doggy essentials!

When these girls aren’t running around and causing chaos, they can be found snuggled up or enjoying lots of affection and belly rubs. They are adored by their doting owners and this courageous pair win over anyone that has the pleasure of meeting them.

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