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Dogs of the Month - July 2021

Names: Lilly, Ozzy and Dougie

Ages: Lilly 3 years, Ozzy 2 years and Dougie 9 months

Breed: Springer Spaniels

Favourite walk: Anywhere with water

Favourite place: Dobbie's Garden Centre

These three pooches are the most loveable, furry balls of fun. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, Dougie, the youngest of the three hasn’t discovered his favourite spot quite yet… he does however enjoy popping into Dobbie’s garden centre with his siblings.

These three crazy pups also enjoy any walk that involves water, they love nothing more than getting their paws wet and making a splash!

These woofers may have similar interests, but they each have their own personality … and bags of it! Lilly is the diva of the group. She will do anything for a belly rub and a treat. She has her pawrent rapped round her furry paws and has perfected her puppy dog eyes. Ozzy is the wild one! He enjoys charging around at full speed in and out of hedgerows and bushes. He also LOVES to eat… ironically, he is the smallest of the pups, but that might be because he’s forever burning off all his dinner. Dougie is the bulldozer. His best friend is his kitty cat and he loves nothing more than fuss, food and to play. He particularly enjoys a cardboard box and is particularly helpful when it comes to opening packages!

These three are inseparable and make the most loveable companions, there’s never a dull moment when they’re around!

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