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Dogs of the Month - October 2021

Name: Indy

Age: 11 months

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Favourite walk: Castle Farm in Kenilworth

Favourite places: Riverside Terrace at the Crowne Plaza

This loveable four-legged friend loves nothing more than a good walk around Castle Farm in Kenilworth. A true pup at heart, he takes advantage of the kids being at school and goes for zoomies on the skate park! Who needs four wheels when you have four legs?!

Indy’s favourite dog friendly place to eat is Riverside Terrace at the Crowne Plaza in Stratford-upon-Avon … he certainly knows where the best treats are on offer. In fact, they have a whole doggy cart for Indy and his friends to enjoy!

Along with zoomies, walks and treats, this woofer also has a thing for feet. He has been known to sniff out the best toes in town and give them a cheeky lick when waiting in line for coffee – so watch out for a slobbery tongue when he’s about!

This adorable pup is full of affection and lets everyone know he loves them by covering them in kisses. He adores his owner and is a true companion. His cheeky personality brings so much happiness to anyone that meets him.

Indy is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier, full of joy and energy!

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