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Dog of the Month - October 2020

Name: Ronnie

Age: 2½ years

Breed: Welsh Terrier

Favourite place / walk: Oakley Woods, Jephson Gardens, Long Itchington and The Boat Inn

This is the gorgeous Ronnie, a Welsh Terrier and the king of all terriers in his opinion. This playful fella was actually born in Essex, not Wales! But he does have two Welsh pawrents who relocated and now live just outside of Leamington Spa. His accent and bark is somewhat confused, but it makes for a good talking point!

Ronnie loves exploring all that Warwickshire has to offer and has a few favourite spots dotted around, his weekends are by far his favourite time of the week.

His favourite sniffing spot is Oakley Woods, he loves nothing more then to push his nose along the muddy floor and scurry around tracking all the different smells.

Ronnie believes Saturday’s are made for brunching and what better place to do this than Jephson Gardens, enjoying a leisurely stroll and popping into the Aviary for a well-deserved treat.

If Saturday’s were not good enough, Sunday’s are even better. Ronnie spends his Sunday’s walking along the picturesque canal by Long Itchington and follows his walkies up with a Sunday roast at The Boat Inn.

Ronnie is a beautiful little character and enjoys being spoilt rotten by his adoring pawrents. He is cheeky, fun loving and such a good boy!

He is cheeky, fun loving and such a good boy!

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