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Dog of the Month - April 2021

Name: Doug - also known as Douggie or Dougster

Age: 2 years

Breed: Cavapoochon (Bichon Frisée/Cavalier/Poodle)

Favourite walk: Kenilworth Castle and Victoria Park in Leamington Spa.

Favourite place: The Almanac in Kenilworth and Boston Tea Party in Stratford.

Doug the dog is the most handsome little fluff ball. One of his favourite activities is a trip to his groomers, Ludoloves Grooming. He loves to keep himself smart and is always camera ready!

He’s quite the adventurer and loves nothing more than exploring on his walkies. His favourite spots are Kenilworth Castle and Victoria Park in Leamington Spa.

Doug is very loveable and warrants his own Instagram account (@douggiedoug1), he has quite the number of followers and enjoys capturing himself jumping and bounding around in the great outdoors.

Don’t be fooled by his puppy dog eyes, this gorgeous boy is a cheese monster! His wiggly nose can sniff out cheese as soon as the fridge door is open, he’s so good that he can sniff it out from any room in the house… he’d make an expert “grate” detective! He once surprised himself by jumping onto the dining room table when his owners were eating pizza as he was so excited by the cheese… his pawrents were so impressed they let it “brie”!

Doug is the perfect woofer, he’s playful, loveable and cheesy on the eyes!

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