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Dog of the Month - January 2021

Name: Buckles

Age: 23 months

Breed: Cockapoo

Favourite place / walk: Short walk - Ryton Pools, long walk - Burton Dassett Country Park

Buckles is the most loveable four-legged companion with a cheeky personality!

He adores his walkies, it’s his favourite thing to do. He loves to explore new places and go for plenty of walks throughout Warwickshire. His favourite short walk is Ryton Pools and his favourite longer walk is Burton Dassett Country Park. He enjoys wondering free in the fresh air and sniffing out all the new smells.

He also loves to chase squirrels and attempts to climb the odd tree when in hot pursuit, one day he’ll catch-up, but for now it’s a great way to tire him out.

Buckles is doted on by his adoring owners, he loves spending time with them and has them wrapped round his curly paws. He also goes to visit his grandpawents 3 times and week and is spoilt rotten in true grandpuppy style.

His favourite game is ‘I’ve got something, you chase me…but don’t catch me!’ He also has a selection of favourite toys, a squeaky sprout to play fetch, a grizzly gorilla to thrash and bash around and a soft green football that he can run and hide with. He is definitely not short of energy.

Buckles is also quite the poser. His special trick is to strike a pose when his owners say ‘picture’, in return of course for tasty treats.

He’s the epitome of cuteness and loves to curl up when he finally runs out of energy, he’s a bundle of fun and the perfect four-legged companion.

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