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Dogs of the Month - June 2021

Names: Reggie, Luna and Tink

Ages: Reggie 18 months, Luna 2 years and Tink 11 years

Breed: Reggie Labrador, Luna Sprocker and Tink Cocker Spaniel

Favourite walk: Hay wood (especially when the suns out!)

Favourite place: The Punchbowl, The Boot Inn, Alfresco Café at Hatton Shopping Village

These adorable pups are the best of friends and the most photogenic woofers! These three muskateers can often be found exploring in Haywood and would highly recommend the walk to their furry friends… especially on a sunny day.

Reggie and Luna worked their paws off and trained as police dogs but they were just too loveable and found their forever home instead. Tink is 11 years young and plays the part of the oldest sibling by making sure they’re kept in check!

As with all siblings, there’s always one more mischievous sibling, one that likes to push the boundaries and one that’s always getting into trouble … and in this case it’s Reggie! He’s a cheeky chap and enjoys sneakily getting into the bin by hovering his chin just above the lid.

These pups are a social hit and have the most loveable Instagram page (@cockerspanielfizz) full of the cutest photos and lots of inspirational quotes to cheer you up on the hardest of days.

These three pups have won the heart of their owner and give the phrase 'mans best friend' true meaning

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