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Dog of the Month - March 2021

Name: Molly

Age: 3 years 10 months

Breed: German Shepherd

Favourite place / walk: Anywhere her friends go

Molly is a big cuddly ball of fur with the sweetest of natures. This gorgeous girl is the face of Molly and Friends Dog Walking and the perfect companion for your loveable pups.

She loves nothing more than hopping into her pawrents van and discovering and exploring new adventures with all her four-legged friends.

Molly is the perfect model for #tongue out Tuesday… she has the biggest, floppiest tongue with a life of its own! It can normally be found lolling out of her mouth as she runs around with a big smile on her face.

This fluffy puppy is an affectionate and loving soul, always eager for cuddles and a belly scratch! She also loves playing ‘everything is paws on’ when out strolling on a town walk.

Molly’s excitable and fun-loving personality got the better of her when she was sniffing and trotting after some fallen seeds from a tree. She got a shock and unexpected cool bath when she splashed straight into the river… even the most intelligent pups have their moments!

Molly is an adorable pooch with bags of personality, she’s the perfect four-legged friend and is a true companion.

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