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Dog of the Month - November 2020

Name: Bramble

Age: 4½ years

Breed: Brown Cockapoo

Favourite place / walk: Warwick Racecourse

This is the adorable Bramble, a chocolate cockapoo and truly the best companion.

Bramble is a very important pup. She is a qualified Therapy Dog with the charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide and has a very important job to do. Bramble provides support, affection and comfort to people that need it most. Her visits make a huge difference to people’s well-being and with a face like Bramble’s how could patients not be happy to see her. She usually visits the Leamington Rehabilitation Hospital (CERU) but sadly she is one keyworker that’s unable to make visits at the moment … she’s on furlough!

With some extra time on her paws Bramble loves nothing more than walking around Warwick Racecourse and meeting all the friendly staff and socialising with all the other dogs. She is an active pup and is very fond of a game or two of chase. Furlough has also given Bramble more time to practice her dog agility!

Bramble also likes to walk through Warwick town as a treat and visit all her favourite shops, cafés and restaurants.

When she wears her yellow therapy uniform, Bramble is calm and composed, ready to take on her role and focus on the task in hand. When greeting loved ones on the other hand, she loses all composure and suffers from excessive and uncontrollable bottom wiggling!

Bramble is one adorable fluffy companion with a heart of gold, a truly loyal companion.

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