Meet Daisy - DFW's latest team member

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Meet Daisy - DFW's latest team member

Dog Friendly Warwickshire were lucky enough to add a edition to the family in May. Daisy Daug has settled into the family and is loving life in her forever home.

We describe her as a dachshund on stilts

Daisy is three quarters dachshund and a quarter pug, known as a 'Daug'. She draws a lot of attention for her rather unusual breed. She has the height of a pug and the body and face of a dachshund. We describe her as a dachshund on stilts… but we still think she’s perfect.

Her small size doesn’t slow her down in anyway, she is super speedy and her legs are ideal for jumping! She charges round the house playing with the two youngest members of the dog friendly Warwickshire team. She can often be found creeping up on to windowsills watching the world go by or snuggled up in any sunny spot.

She has mastered sit, stay, paw, roll over and 360 (when there’s minimal distractions of course!) and loves her food! She’d do just about anything for a pigs ear treat! She is also a little hoover when it comes to meal times and her next trick will hopefully be to stay put so we can eat in peace.

Daisy has a lovely temperament and is very loving and affectionate, continuously trying to wash the family and is not shy of a kiss or two! The children adore her and find her utterly hilarious! She loves a stroke and a belly rub and likes to follow you around the house. But come 8 O’clock she’s finished for the day and often takes herself to bed!

Daisy loves her walks and loves to explore. She’s friendly with other dogs … maybe a bit too friendly at times and is wary of humans, although she is improving day by day.

We have signed Daisy up to puppy training and will keep you all posted how she gets on.

Daisy has been a great inspiration for the Dog Friendly Warwickshire site and we look forward to introducing her to more local businesses as we continue our journey into finding all the best dog friendly spots around.

If you'd like to see what Daisy's getting up to, follow her Instagram page

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