Kobie and Bailey - Dogs of the Month

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Dogs of the Month - June 2020

Names: Kobie and Bailey

Ages: Kobi 6, Bailey 4

Breeds: Cocker Spaniels

Although this pair are not siblings, they both have mischief written all over them. This cheeky pair are the best of friends and full of energy. They enjoy long walks and running free. They can often be found posing in front of the camera, looking stunning with their glossy coats and big puppy dog eyes.

As true partners in crime they have their owners wrapped round their furry paws. They are renowned for pigeon patrolling in local parks around Warwick and Leamington. This gorgeous pair are a barrel of laughs, bring a smile wherever they go and are adored by their owners.

People say they’re happy, we think they’re pawfect!

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