Resident Dog - Jager at HOUSE bar

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Resident Dog - Jager at HOUSE bar

Name: Jager

Age: 9 Months

Breed: Dachshund

Jager is the proud resident dog at HOUSE in Leamington Spa. He is well-known to the locals and isn’t shy to get in front of the camera and help advertise all that the bar has to offer. This cheeky little chap is ‘dapple’ in colour, caused by an extra gene, making him that extra bit special and that extra bit handsome! He can usually be found curled up on somebody’s lap or flirting with other dogs that come to visit. He’s a sociable little pooch and is well loved by all the customers. He absolutely loves a walk but this pampered little pup knows better than to go out when it’s raining and will point-blank refuse to let those little paws of his touch any damp surface.

Check out the HOUSE website for Jager updates, he often hosts pawty’s and events so don’t miss out on these pup-tastic socials!

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