Resident Dog - Boris at Tom O' The Wood

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Resident Dog - Boris at Tom O' The Wood

Name: Boris

Age: 6 Years

Breed: Black Labrador

Boris is the proud resident dog at Tom O'The Wood Pub, in Rowington. He is an affectionate and loving member of the family and is renowned for his collection of teddies. He loves nothing more than a long walk in the countryside, exploring all the beautiful views that Rowington has to offer. After his adventures around Warwickshire he enjoys nestling down in his bed and giving his collection of teddies a cuddle, falling asleep with them snuggled under his paws.

Boris is a very sociable pup and has lots of other four-legged furry friends that come in regularly to see him. He is also a very friendly member of the team at Tom O’The Wood and welcomes all guests and customers onto the premises by greeting them with whichever teddy he deems his favourite that day!

Boris is very popular with the locals and adored by everyone

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