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Dog of the Month - September 2020

Name: Milo

Age: 16 months

Breed: French Bulldog

Favourite place / walk: Newbold Comyn in Leamington Spa or Welcombe Hills in Stratford-upon-Avon

Milo is the perfect four-legged companion, he is full of energy and bags of fun. He loves nothing more then to head out exploring and searches for the muddiest of puddles to lay down in. When his pawrents are busy working, K9 Club take good care of him, the team take him out for walks with other four-legged friends and he has the BEST time!

This French-Bulldog is lucky enough to live in Hatton and has the countryside right on his doorstep. He can often be found walking down Hatton Locks and over the fields nearby. His favourite walks are Newbold Comyn and Welcombe Hills, both have plenty of space for this pup to let loose and tire himself out. He goes absolutely wild in the wind and loves chasing leaves round his garden.

If he is not busy chasing after the lawn mower or the hoover, he can be found sneaking socks out of the laundry basket … the smellier the better! He loves The Inside Scoop and when he’s an extra good boy he enjoys finishing off his pawrents ice creams, he’s very good at making sure there’s not a drop left!

Milo is also a hit with the local businesses and is a regular at Bardia’s, Warwick Street Kitchen and Botanics Coffee and Deli, the staff are always so lovely and offer up plenty of scratches, water and treats when he pops by!

There’s only one thing that makes this pup jump and that’s his own trumps! Those noisy stinkers catch him off-guard every time!

Milo is so charming and has the most loveable personality. He’s a hit sensation and warrants his own Instagram account.

He is adored by his pawrents and is definitely number one in his household!

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