Minnie the Pug - Dog of the Month

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Dog of the Month - October 2019

Name: Minnie (also known as Moo)

Age: 8

Breed: Pug

Favourite place / walk: Across the fields around Beausale, Haseley and Hatton

More cat than dog, this tiny pooch enjoys snuggling up on anyone’s lap. Hobbies include: feistily yapping at planes; scaring off birds from the garden; cosying up to the kids and patiently waiting for crumbs. In the evenings she eagerly awaits the coronation street theme tune, just to get a sighting of those meerkats! She can often be found snuggled in a bag for life, cosied up in a laptop bag or even sometimes in the grandchildren’s toy pushchair. She is able to squeeze in the tiniest of places when dad comes looking to tell her off.

A pampered pooch, always curled up on a furry beanbag in front of the fire, a cute little family member, adored by all.

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