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Dog of the Month - January 2020

Name: Bailey

Age: 14 months

Breed: Schnauzer/King Charles Cavalier cross

Favourite place / walk: Hampton Woods, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Bailey is a rescue pup from a rescue centre called Many Tears in Wales. Now secure in his forever home, Bailey has grown in to the most loving and affectionate furry little friend his wonderful humans could ask for. Bailey loves his walks, sniffing through the leaves and chasing birds. He’s a social little pup and enjoys meeting up with other furry friends. When his human brothers and sisters disappear off to school and the house is quiet, Bailey likes nothing more than to curl up and take a nap.

Like any 14 month old, a cardboard box can keep this little pooch entertained for hours! He likes nothing more than to make a good old mess chewing and ripping pieces off (much to his human’s disapproval). His other favourite toys include shoes, shoelaces, socks and the occasional lost glove! Bailey is not only sociable with other pups, he adores his human visitors too and absolutely must introduce them to his favourite toys every time they visit!

Hampton Woods is a firm favourite all year round for Bailey, but especially in the Spring when the butterflies appear, which his favourite spot is known for.

Bailey truly is man’s best friend and brings so much happiness wherever he goes.

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