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Dog of the Month - February 2020

Name: Buddy

Age: 15 months (acts like a 15 year old teenager)

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Favourite place / walk: Ryton Pools and Ryton Woods

Buddy is a very smart and active dog. He enjoys canicross, agility, swimming and learning new tricks. But at the top of his list of favourite things to do. Above any other. His absolute favourite thing to do ... is eating!

Buddy’s favourite walk in Warwickshire is Ryton Pools and Ryton Woods. He loves nothing more than to run around and explore. To hold his nose high in the air and give it a wiggle, sniffing out all that the surroundings have to offer. There’s opportunities for him to swim and lots of obstacles to climb onto. He is a sociable pup and loves meeting new humans and furry friends on his walks.

He knows he’s a handsome boy and loves to show off his tricks, all so he can get a yummy treat and cuddle from anyone that’s offering!

He is best friends to his human companions and they adore him and his cheeky personality ... despite their holey socks, shoes, clothes ... and carpet!

'A sheep in wolfs clothing' - this handsome boy is a beloved dog and a true member of the family

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