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Dog of the Month - December 2019

Name: Jimmy

Age: 3

Breed: Border Collie

Favourite place / walk: Abbey Fields, Kenilworth

Jimmy the three year old border collie has bags of character! Working as a canine supervisor alongside his dog walker and owner Erica. Jimmy keeps all the dogs in check and is a very good boy! This furry four legged chap has won 12 employee of the month awards and still remains modest when he turns up to work. He’s so famous he warrants his own Instagram account and can be found here: @therealcollieofbalsallcommon. As well as being a good worker and social media star, Jimmy has some tricks under his belt and is able to do the conga and dance! This playful and adorable pooch extends his talents to herding chickens as well as the noisy ducks! He’s a trusty companion and a furry best friend to Erica, a stunning dog that can turn any frown upside down.

A proper sheep (or duck) dog

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