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Dog of the Month - August 2020

Name: Pip

Age: 16 weeks

Breed: Cockapoo

Favourite place / walk: Walton Hall

This young pup is quite the cutie and has those big puppy dog eyes perfected. He’s a curly little fluff ball and loves nothing more than a cuddle and snuggling up!

He is only a young pup and is full of energy! He can often be found trying to tire himself out running around in the rain, trying to catch those raindrops. When he’s not busy chasing the weather, he practises his dancing skills and spins in circles tirelessly chasing after the big furry waggy tail following him around all day.

This pup would do anything for a nibble of cheese, it is his absolute favourite! Who needs puppy treats when you have cheddar?!

When he does manage to tire himself out and needs a sit down, he finds his favourite spot to curl up… right on top of sister Saffy the cat!

Pip is bags of fun and a wonderful four-legged companion

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