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Dogs of the Month - April 2020

Names: Keira and Remi

Ages: Keria 4, Remi 1

Breeds: Keira, German Shepherd and Remi, Golden Retriever

Favourite place / walk: Crackley Woods and Burton Dassett Hills

This playful pair are worlds apart in personality but make the sweetest of friends. They are inseparable and can always be found together.

Remi is the newest member of the family and has been welcomed in with open paws by big sister Keira. The two of them have bags of energy, they love their walks, often found running around in Crackley Woods and Burton Dassett Hills.

Keira is quite the big softie and loves a cuddle! She is a sweet, affectionate and gentle pup and is keen to get involved and see what everyone is up to. She’s eager to please and loves learning new tricks. Her favourite toy is her tennis ball and she’d do anything to be rewarded with a game of fetch.

Remi, like most golden retrievers, is a foodie! She loves her food and her favourite time of day is of course mealtimes. Her other great love is her soft toys, she loves to snuggle up and play with them and can keep herself entertained for hours. Remi also has a cheeky personality; she is a very smart young pup … but extremely stubborn! She loves nothing more than to be lathered with attention, be carried round like a baby and enjoys a good old back scratch. Her infectious personality brings the playful side out in her whole family and she’s forever bringing a smile to their faces. She is a truly fun-loving addition to the household.

Keira has taken on the role as mature big sis, as her younger sibling is still learning the ropes.

This social pair love meeting new people and other furry four-legged friends. They love going along to work with ‘dad’ and adore all the attention. After a busy day the pair can always be found snuggled together. Remi will always find a way to squeeze in beside Keira, even if it means getting into one or two awkward positions.

Worlds apart in personality, this unlikely duo are inseparable

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